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tv   ABC7 News 9  ABC  December 30, 2018 9:00am-9:58am PST

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good morning, bay area. l let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning and thank you so much for joining us on this sunday, december 30th, i'm chris nguyen. and let's look at the forecast. here is lisa argen tracking doppler 7. >> good morning, chris, to you. and we have low clouds and creating fog and high clouds out there, and so a mixture of the two has allowed for slightly lower temperatures around the bay, but elsewhere, chilly. north of the golden gate clear skies and san francisco is 43 and 43 in san jose. you are up a couple of degrees in the last hour. and from the emeryville camera, look at the 30s from petaluna and sacramento, and concord and out the oakland and looking at the visibility in san francisco not bad, but you can see the ribbon of fog there and the temperatures in the 40s and the 50s through the 9:00 hour, and by noontime, mostly sunny u skies and the high clouds and
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the sun sets at 5:00, and the advisory goes into effect tonight and dealing with the winds new year's eve and day, and we will look at when the rain seven hf -day forecast. >> in contra county, a family has been displace affidavced afn early morning fire. you can see how fast the flames were moving. the neighbors first spotted the fire and thankfully the family living there got out safely. they say that the gas meter was blowing the whole time which fed the flames and once the crews shut it off they got the fire under control. happening now, palo alto police are looking for the man accused of sexually assaulting the woman, and take a look, and that surveillance image shows the man yesterday morning on el camino real, and they say that a woman was walking into the apartment complex when the man grabbed her, pushed her to the ground and touched her inap
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pro her boyfriend came over and the men left. and the attack in this story happened near the bart station, and a woman captured cell phone video in this one and it is a warning, it is graphic. >> reporter: the streets were bustling in the san francisco shopping district early friday evening, but on the other side of the market at powell street bart station, a brawl was g tat video that jenny shao recorde m >> reporter: this man is identified as melton earl kelly and police say he is on
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probation. parts of the video show him punching and stomping the man on the face. some did try to break it up. >> on one hand, i was surprised, but on the other hand, i was frustrated to hear that this is an escalating ongoing issue. >> reporter: last week with another video taken of a man stomped on and assaulted on mason street a few blocks away from the latest fight. >> call 911. >> he was being wrestled, choked, gasping for air. >> reporter: shao says that she usually sees the police. >> that day, did not see a single one. >> reporter: this area draws thousands of tourists, and many issues along with it. we had to stop our interview at one point, because of harassment. >> can you get more of the guards to get these people out of here. >> reporter: our encounter did not escalate, but shao says that in many cases they do.reses to the new normal and her video is her way of seeing something and saying something.
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sx fo pd is asking anybody who has information about kelly to call the anonymous tipline and you can see that number at the bottom screen. if if you see kelly, do not approach him, but just call police. abc 7 news. fairfield police are looking for two men who robbed a man and then shot him. it happen around 8:40 last night onle oliver road. police say that the victim was in a restaurant parking lot when two men, one of them armed approach and demanded his proper property. are there was a struggle over the gun. it went with off and hit the victory. the suspects then took off in a black nissan sedan, and the victim was taken to the hospital and expected to recover. a prisoner who sangui quentin prison escape ane was found near paso robels, and police received a tip that
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mendoza was near san h miguel and then they caught up with him at a taco bell in paso this is the woman who called in the arrest. >> i saw this gentleman who had a tattoo right above the eyebrow. >> reporter: this woman thought that he looked strangely familiar in the taco bell restaurant. she had no idea how close she was to a prison escapee. cops asked him his name, and he was arrested there. >> and the cop says i know your name is not andrew. tell me your name. >> reporter: they searched mendoza and he was not carrying any weapons bu, but he was wear clothes that he bought at a
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general store in san miguel. shortly after ditching the toyota rav 4 that he was suspect ped of driving. >> he is also the carjacking suspect of the incident that occurred at home depot in san rafael. >> this is him driving through the bay bridge toll plaza in the rav 4 just minutes after carjacking this womant ta home depot. >> he came very fast and he hadding something, and he said, give me the key, or i will kill you. i have a gun. >> reporter: he escaped from a work detail outside of the security perimeter on descember 26th. he was serving a five-year sentence for using a weapon in a carjacking. she is just happy he in kus di. >> i am glad that he is caught and no longer a danger to anybody anybody. >> the department of corrections says that mendoza is now in custody at the salinas valley state prison. and his case will be referred to
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the state prison system. we have been sending out alert s f alerts for this story as it develops through the abc 7 app. just push alerts to get breaking news on your phone. and now, new details of the man suspected of killing corporal ruben singh. he was arrested fry areday and due in stanislas county friday. they believe that they have recovered the gun used in the killing, but they have not said where it is found. arriaga is accused of killing singh after being pulling him over under the suspicion. he was then killed. services will be in modesto thia
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waiver to the travel to visit her dying son and police think that a space heater started a fire in castro county. two dogs dind one with man was suffering from is serious burs.s he was using a garden hose to put out the fire. the firefighters put tout fire in 20 minutes, and the first floor is a total loss. the second floor has significant damage. farmers and others who may need to burn stubble have until tuesday to do so. stubble is intentionally setting fire to straw stubble after wheat and other grains have been harvested. the burn is season for stubble is going to end tomorrow. leeisa has been tracking th forecast for us. so far, some clouds, but breezy.
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>> yes, some fog out in oakland as we take a look at the east hills camera, and you can see sthat h that is it is chilly and hazy. 30s in the north bay. we will get into the high clouds and sun today, but the winds are coming back for several days, and we will talk about 2019 promising more rain in the next few minutes. >> all right. we will see you soon, lisa. thank you. also, ahead, if you are taking down your christmas day this weekend, why you may need to wait a couple of days before putting it ount the curb. and also, the
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welcome back. the south bay group of college fanatics living on the billboard is down the two. clemson and alabama are going to meet for the college playoff national championhip and the fans representing the two losing teams in the semifinal games were sent home. amanda castilkcastillo has more >> reporter: the time has come to an end for two two >> it is disappointing. i would think that the irish left it out on the li cld have better fight. >> and ruben as well sent home
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for the too soon for the sooner. oklahoma losing to alabama 45-34. >> gosh, man. i wish we had another start to the game. but it is really fun. this whole billboard experience. >> proof it is not all bad news for the the pair, because they were part of the group picked our sister network espn beating out a pool of roughly 1,700 people for this opportunity, and their experience is livestreams on espn3. and for remaining two, 45 feet above chilly downtown san jose is where they will live until monday january 7th. >> i actually looked at the weather for next week, and it is the same thing, so i have psyched myself up that this is the way it is going to be. >> meantime, nancy volland is going to be atop the billboard with llyas ross. and it is going be the fourth team that the two schools have mett nfor the title. >> it is going to be a close game, but i feel we will pull it out again. >> reporter: clemson and alabama met in 2015 and 2016 college
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championship games, and so both teams took home a win, so we will have a rubber match on our hands. downtown san jose is transforming for the fan events starting on friday. there are several activities that are scheduled for next weekend. caltrans groups are conducting litter cleanups near the freeways and airport to get ready for the thousands of people expected to visit. don't forget that the college football playoff cha championship is at levi's stadium on january 7th when clemson takes on alabama, and you can watch it on our sister network, espn. crews in san francisco will start to collect christmas trees this week. the department of public works says you should not put the tree out on the curb before pickup day. it can be a hazard for traff trf and pedestrians and other
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reasons. >> it is a big safety issue, because every year we have situations where the trees are dry, and they get lit up and have started fires. >> to get rid of your tree, just put it out on your regular garbage service day starting wednesday to the following week. make sure that tinsel, decorations, stands and anything else is removed. now to the exclusive inside look at the sales force tower and the man who built the company. marc benioff is leaving a mark on the city where he was raised. here is nbc news anchor dan ashley. >> glad you could make it. >> so glad to be here. >> what do you think so far? >> it is mett the top of the world, 61 floors, 1,070 feet above san francisco. the sales force tower dominates the skyline while the company's founder and ceo looms larger. the leading employer and philanthropist in his hometown.
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on this day together looking down and looking back. >> right at the top of the tower, i used to live there, and we rented the one-bedroom apartment right next to my house. >> reporter: that was 1999, and that one bedroom is where sales force started. 20 years later, the company's digs are very different. a million dollar view for a billionaire who does not keep an office in his own building, and in fact, not in any of them around the world. why? >> well, it is not really how i work. i am not an office person. i like to walk around or get to work in the conference room. i have my phone with me, and that is the modern day office. that is what i enjoy. >> reporter: but that is hardly all of this hometown boy turn tech titan is. philanthropy is a large part of what makes him and his company tick. over thor years sales force has donated tens of millions of dollars to charities and to its founder, the ucsf children's hospital at mission bay.
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and then thesure that in november. it will be a tax to raise money to fight homelessness in san francisco. why would he support a tax on his own company? >> well, i love the company, and the city and people, and i love to innovate and creating and making something new happen. that where i get a lot of my joy. >> reporter: joy, marc also gets from running a company consistently ranked as one of the best places to work. with employee cafes and meditation rooms on every floor makes you realize why. how does that make you feel? >> it makes me feel good, because that is what i want a great place to work and not only making money, and not only are we building great products and having great customer success, but to give back to scale. >> reporter: this en are the tre preneur got the bug to create and innovate early in life. >> have you enjoyed working on this? >> yes, a lot. >> reporter: that is marc when
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he was 10 years old pitching an idea to kgo and perhaps clues where this young man was headed. now you are on the top of the floor of a tower that bears your name. what you think about that? >> i just think wow. for me, the most important thing is the city, itself. i mean, i'm a fourth-generation san franciscan, and i always look out to wonder how the make the city better. >> that is dan ashley reporting. that interview took place on the 61st floor of the sales force tower. it is a space that you will be able to visit eventually, buzz ben yof it is going to be registered as a place for the public to visit. and now, clouds have moved in with a system to the north
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that is not going to affect us. it is bringing rain showers to the pacific northwest and moving up and over the state of california allowing for the winds to be a factor in the forecast for new year's eve and new year's day. nice vantage looking area here from the sutra camera. 49 in san francisco and oakland and 43 in san jose, and still 40s in morgan hill, and half moon bay is back up to 52 degrees. you can see the clouds backed up against the san bruno mountains there. and 36 in santa rosa. we have fog in the parts of the north bay and east bay, and concord and livermore. with be careful, because it is a quarter mile visibility in livermore and out to delta looking at some of the fog. as we are look at the winds in the upper elevations, they will be work down to the surface out of the north keeping things chillly. winds gusting to 26 miles per hour. mt. tam and mt. diablo, and we have a wind advisory to pass on the you for the next several
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days, but first thing, the forecast is chilly above 4,000 feet, and then we work them down to the surface. rain is coming back into the forecast next weekend. this is the highlighted area looking at 25 to 30 miles per hour winds with a gust to exceed 60 miles per hour. and that could create some issues for sure with the downed power lines and perhaps downed trees. the strongest winds will be coming in tomorrow. take a look at the 8:00 monday morning a a lot of folks off, and gusting to 35 miles per hour. then they will subside and kick up again by new year's eve night with the winds once again over 35 miles per hour. then as we are going to get int backing off. we are going to get into another chilly scenario after monday morning, and that system is behind us. the relative humidity is going to drop, and the winds back off, and we will wake up to temperatures below freezing on tuesday and wednesday and finally increasing the clouds,
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and what comes after that, hopefully some rain showers, and 59 in freemont, and 58 in richmond and oakland with 60 in santa cruz. we will take you out ahead, and wednesday, dry. as we go into thursday, another day with high clouds. friday, really not a whole lot of change. the temperatures will be near the seasonal averages. look at what happens next saturday mornmorning, and hopef some rain to push through the bay. this is saturday at 11:00, and sunday is looking wet as well. but back to new year's eve, 40s and brisk conditions. 8:00 and 10:00, low 40s in the inland and upper 40s at the coast, and by the overnight hours dropping into the 30s. so it is chilly and a windchill factor for sure with the gusty winds and the wind advisory. and the accuweather forecast is looking at a bright new year's day, and you can download the accuweather app to keep track of the dropping temperatures and the gusting winds and hopefully bringing back rain by next weekend. >> and hopefully the weather is going to hold up for the weather
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faestive tis as many people are going to san franciscos to watch the fireworks along the embarcadero. bring a jacket. thank you, lisa. finding the best mortgage rates is not
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the federal reserve is hking up interest rates and that means that the days of super cheap mortgages are over, but still ways to get the lowest 7 on your side's michael finney has tips to get the best
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deal. >> it isrow money for a home. t the annual percentage rate on a 30-year fixed rate recently topped 5%. now, that is the highest in seven years. so, experts say that mortgages are relatively cheap by historic standard standards. >> when it comes to the decision of buying a house, you should not let interest rates make a decision that big for you. >> reporter: both the real estate investors and home loan officerses say don't let the rising numbers scare you. >> it is more of the psychological impact on people, than it is the actual impact of the finances. >> reporter: so how do you find the lowest price possible. follow these three tips. find an experienced mortgage broker. >> it is to shop your loan to every lender they with find and get the lowests rate. >> reporter: and talk to community banks and other lenders. >> you need to make sure that
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you get the best program to meet your needs. >> reporter: the third tip is to shop around for lenders. don't stop for the first lender, and look for estmates online to find the best deal for you. >> if you have decided to buy a house, don't waste time, because interest rates are going to be going up. >> reporter: if you need help with mortgage or anything else, call me, because you can call my hotline monday through friday. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. still to come on "abc7 mornings," the preparations before the party. security measures in place as security measures in place as cities across the country get
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♪ little girl and boy land ♪ while you dwell within it ♪ you are ever happy there daddy, it's christmas! ♪ childhoods, joyland never let go of your dreams.
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the mercedes-benz winter event is back. lease the glc 300 for $459 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. th a quick look tat the forecast. here is meteorologist lisa argen who is tracking the conditions
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where you live. lisa? >> in santa cruz, it is going to be a nice afternoon. if you wait until the 3:00 hour, when the temperatures come up into the 50s, and you will see clouds around and elsewhere in the bay. it is a cool start out there with the upper 40s in oakland and upper 30s in morgan hill, and 32 in half moon bay, and emeryville showing low clouds, and also in livermore as well where it is 41 and concord with the mid-30s, and napa. so we will be in the 40s for the most part and a couple of 50s near the coast. by afternoon sunny and high clouds. the winds are coming back into play tonight. so while today will be dry and sunny and in the upper 50s, we will have the gusty upper elevation wind, and the wind advisory for the next 72 hours, and this is going to bring a blustery new year's eve, and new year's day forecast. >> thank you, lisa. today is day nine of the government shutdown. president trump is blaming democrats for the death of
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migrant children without any proof. white house correspondent tara palmieri has the latest. >> reporter: the president in the heatemocrats without proof for the deaths of two migrant children who died while in u.s. kanscustody. in the comments of the tweet since the tragedy he said that the democrats and the pathetic immigration policies making people believe to make the long trek to enter the country illegally, and if we had a wall, they would not try. homeland secretary kirstjen fth time. on the border for the felipe alonso was detained with his father before transferred to a facility in new mexico where he died. nielsen's visits were closed to the press bucks she said in a statement, the system is clearly overwhelmed and we must work to together to address this humanitarian crisis. many of the facilities are at
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capacity, and new filings obtained by the "arizona republic" paint a grim picture. >> i can give you the description of people huddled together in small rooms. that has to be fixed. >> reporter: on the ninth day of the government shutdown, the president is buckling down on the demand for a wall that he claims could have prevented all of this. meanwhile, the negotiations are at a halt. the president's last conversation with senate minority leader chuck schumer and incoming speak over the house nancy pelosi ago. >> i am proud to shut down the federal government for border security, chuck. >> reporter: employees working without pay or furloughed and the white house warning that this fight is far from over. new mom angela cabana says that her husband is one of the tsa workers who is working without pay. >> he is the sole bread win e and to not know when you will be
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paid is scary. a foreign exchange student from saudi arabia fled the country after a deadly hit-and-run crash, and now a oregon senator is seeking justice for the 14-year-old victim and her family. marci gonzalez has the details. >> reporter: this morning an oregon senator is demanding that trump administration investigate the accusation that saudi arabia helped this man, a saudi citizen escape justice after he was accuse accused of killing a teenager. police say in august 2016, 15-year-old fallon smart was crossing a portland street when she was hit by saudi national abdul raman's speeding car. his mother was feet a wway. >> i did everything to keep her safe. i thought her everything that i knew about pedestrians and cyclist and motorist safety, and it is still not enough to keep her alive. >> reporter: in the u.s. are on a student visa was accused of
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manslaughter and put on house arrest after the saudi government paid a portion of the bond. weeks before the trial in june of 2017, federal investigators say that he fled the country cutting off ankle monitoring bracelet and getting into this black suv captured by cameras. the oregonian newspaper believes he left with a private plane with illegal passport with the help of saudi officials. one month earlier, president trump went to saudi arabia touting million dollar deals made. >> it is a tremendous day and tremendous inves tments into th united states. >> reporter: this latest incident is adding to a tenuous time between the u.s. and saudi arabia, and in a recent letter addressed to members of the are trump administration, is senator ron wyden of oregon demanding the answers. he said this these are shocking events in any time, but with the events of jamal khashoggi, this
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is especially we have reached out to the saudi embassy for comment, but we have not received any comments so far. accord oing to new york times senator kamala harris is likely to put her head quarter hs in baltimore or atlanta, but is leekly to maintain a office in the west coast. her team is scrutinizing the time in public office as san francisco district attorney. other potential candidates mentioned by the "times" are senators cory booker and kirsten gillibrand and elizabeth warren. and the riverside home dubbed the house of horrors is up for auction. the four bedroom home in paris, california, where is the pr prosecutors say that david and louise turpin abused their children and shackling them to
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furniture. the bid has reached more than $196,000, and in january when they were arr t investigators said that the h reseln ev the ur ve wegngewim square. and security wants to make sure it goes without a hitch. we have a report on the new tactics they will be using and other cities as well. >> three, two, one -- >> reporter: the scene is set for one of the biggest new year's eve parties on the pl planet. confetti tested and the ball is ready to drop. more than 2 million people are expected to pack new york time's sqrein in 2019. officials saying no credit threats to the facilities, but the isis propaganda is prompting increased vigilance, and the area will be teeming with
9:37 am
thousands of uniformed and undercover officers. >> it is one of the most police and protected event ats the safest venues in the entire wor world. >> reporter: more than 19 canine units canvassing the crowds and for the first time a nypd drone to get an expansive view. >> it will give us a view from above and that is helpful. >> reporter: over 200 police car ty ll have rs hopingo tcglimpsesf the in boston at the stor rid firie night, las vegas, strike times on the grounds and around the strip. and here in california, law enforcement will be trained to spot activity, but they say you
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play a crowd in keeping the crowd safe. if you see something, say something. a few minutes ago, the crews tested the ball drop ahead of the new year's eve celebration. the ball is covered with nearly 2700 waterford crystal triangles and more than 32,000 l.e.d.s illuminate the ball, and that is more than 16 million colors and that will create a kaleidoscope above time's square. you can watch "dick clarke's rocking new year's eve" with ryan seacrest right here. and get prepared for the new year when you find out what is changing when it comes to your commute. the time is 9:38, and we are take ing a life look from the sutra camera. lisa argen will have the forecast in a few moments. and, bc 7 news has more news and local topics coming your
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way. abc 7 news is expanding to a full hour
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california's favorite burger chain is expanding to colorado, and residents there won't be able to try the famous burgers, fries and shakes for two years. in-n-out is going to open in colorado are springs in 2020 and the city planners still need to approve the development plan. construction of the distribution center is to be started in the sprin spring, but it is tostate. colorado is the seventh state that is home to in-n-out. i'm hungry after reading that story. >> that is right. and steakyville merin t upper
9:42 am
winds to make its way down to srface, and have an impact on the new year's eve and day, and the rain. we will talk about it next with the accuweather forecast. and klay thompson finds the touch and even telling his shooting hand, i missed you. but could
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in sports this afternoon the raid er aeers and the
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battle at the coliseum. and the warriors will be ing to tth trail blazers.mindi >> you may have questions of what the warriors thought about the hor arerific loss to the trail blazers thursday were answered in portland when the two teams met again and only the sixth time that the warriors have faced the same team in consecutive games. even though the warriors struggled from the distance they took a lead early in the first and never looked back. who is going to oscore the first three? kevon looney and only the first three of the season. the team loving it. klay thompson found the mojo and 4 of 5 from distance and not everything went his way, but you
9:46 am
n tell by the smile na he'll take it. right here, he misses a dunk on the breakaway, and kevin durant, he also had a good night. he pitched in 25. the warriors led by eight at the half. but they had to play the second half without andre iguodola who got ejected for hucking the ball into the stands at the buzzer. the refs call it a hostile act. and damian lillard put up the final points there, but the "d" is drained. they are not back on defense, and durant making quick work of the transition. durant finding klay cutting down the middle for a team high for him. this is the 50th career high for him. the warriors win 115-105. the 12-1 usf don taking on uc santa barbara. this three put the dons up three, and usf was down two until this great shot. time running out tied at 63-63,
9:47 am
ramsey hit the three with 14. jacory mclaughlin with 18 points had the final points. driving to bank it in, anf suffering the second loss of the season, 73-71, the final. the sharks are going to start the new year on the road. and san jose's trip is better with erik karlsson on the team bus. he has served the two-game suspension. the first stop saturday in edmonton and 16 seconds after surrendering the opening goal, it is jonas donskoy with the score, and now tied at 1-1. brent burns finds the front for hertle, and he gives the team the 2-1 lead as they head into the dressing room. then it is joe thornton who sets up logan couture for one of his two goals. carlson going to find the shot in the net a. goal and threels
9:48 am
other melichar carlson had oth other. and today is the last nfl game of the season. the 49ers and the raiders are both on the road. san francisco against the rams. the raider against the chiefs. and both of those games at 1:45 and we will bring you those highlights starting at 5:00. until then have a great day. and your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> it is certainly dry once again but as we say good-bye for 2018 you may want it dry for your plans, but winds will enter into the plans tomorrow night as well as new year's day. you can look outside to see sunshine and clouds now as we get behind the next incoming system we will have chilly overnight temperatures again into 2019. this is santa orosa tomorrow morning into the 30s and the numbers will drop for new year's day, and the coldest readings are wednesday and thursday below freezing, and this is going to expand around the bay. not just the north bay, but the east bay valleys, and by the end
9:49 am
oof the week it is warmer and better, because rain is coming back into the bay area forecast. as we are looking at from roof camera, it will built of wind and allow ing for the relative humidity there along the coast. this is doppler 7, and the sweep across mount st. helena, and getting a tail end of the winds, and this is going to cause a pressure to make the wind withes come back into the play tomorrow night. it is milder in oakland at 49 and 49 in ocean view, and san jose was in the low 40 43. 36 in santa rosa and in napa and the fog. in livermore, low 40s and petaluna is now 43. the winds will work down to the surface, but the wind advisory is for the upper elevations
9:50 am
tomorrow. lot of spots. and then there is a wind advisory, and then that rain comes into play next weekend. looking at the highs near average. 58 in oakland and 60s in san rafael, and maybe a if few high clouds with the temperatures comfortable, but it is going to take all morning and afternoon long to get there. tonight, looking at the winds kicking up above 1,000 feet. and the diablo range, and the north and the east bay hills, and some of the gusts could exceed 60 miles per hour. that is going to be something to watch for. we could bring some of the trees down with the shallow roots and perhaps the power lines and they get gustier as we go through the n next several hours. they will ram up tomorrow morning at 36 miles per hour, and then come down and ramp up again as we get into new year's eve. it is going to be breezy and cold and the winds are out of the north and so you will want the plan to dress accordingly if you are headed out. in the sierra nevada, partly
9:51 am
cloudy at 47, and then new year's day, 30s and sunshine. so it is not only a dry wednesday and thursday p b, but wanted to show you what we have to look forward to getting into n next weekend. it is rain saturday and by saturday night, more rain. the accuweather seven-day forecast is showing you new year's day, but planning it out, we are in the 40s and then low 40s throughout the eve and it is the inland valleys to drop into the 30s and the winds will keep the temperatures up a little bit. and download the accuweatherapp and the rain when it comes back. >> hopefully it pulls through later in the week. thank you, lisa. dozens of laws go into effect this coming tuesday. california driver's license will have new gender option nonbinary in addition to male and female. and your car is required for a smog check until it is eight
9:52 am
years and cars up to six years old will be exempted. now more on what is changing january 1st. drivers with more than one dui will be required to install a ignition interlock can device, and you cannot turn on the engine until you blow into the devi device. hit-and-runs where someone is injured or killed will extend to cyclist, and that mean 2s that you hit someone on a bike path with your bike and hurt or kill someone, you can face felony charge charges. and riders over age of 18 will be required to wear with a helmet. also changing is the green and white clean air vehicles will not allow cars to get into the express lanes. they have to have the new red sticker available for alternative fuel vehicles sold in 2017 and later. the ckacarpool lanes were getti crowded and they want more changes. we have more changes and laws at
9:53 am i'm jessica castro are,
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happening today in san francisco, you are invited to liing inheew year. the asian art museum has a bell ringing ceremony each year. a 16th century bronze bell is
9:56 am
going to be struck 108 times to curve the 108 mortal desires which according to the buddhist belief torment human kind. thousands a thousands are expected to attend , and the museum will be closed tomorrow. a final weather check with lisa. >> well, it is certainly cold out there, and we will look for mre sunshine to dday, but the winds in the upper elevations, if you are taking a bike ride or hike, you will feel them, because they are gusting right now, and the wind advisory is going to go into effect tonight and some of the gusts could be excessive up to 60 miles per hour. but as for today, we are going to have not much wind at all. 60 in san rafael, and oakland and half moon bay. and a few 60s in santa rosa and santa cruz and san jose, and then sit is going to be windy tomorrow around the bay, and colder when the winds subside new year's day when we wake up
9:57 am
to frosty conditions. and thursday is looking cool, too, and then increase the clouds on friday and next saturday and sunday, the first opportunity of rain for quite some time. we need it. and hopefully it is going to stick around. you can download the accuweather app for more details. >> the super fans of the college football superfans up on the billboard got lucky with the forecast. >> yes. >> argen, and we continue on facebook and instagram. we leave you with a look outside. we will return at 5:00 p.m., and until then, make it a great day and lee sand see you in 2019.
9:58 am
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